Help Protect Singing Hills Farm for Future Generations

For over a decade, Singing Hills Farm has operated on 25 acres of rolling hills and prairie grasslands south of the Twin Cities. The farm is now in the process of transitioning to the next generation of stewards. Buffered by a state park and less than 45 minutes from a major metropolitan center, Singing Hills is an ideal location for a farmer interested in supplying fresh foods to local markets.

To make this land more affordable to future farmers, ensure the land continues to be farmed sustainably, and to protect it from development, Renewing the Countryside (RTC) and American Farmland Trust (AFT) are partnering to raise funds to place an agricultural conservation easement on the land that will permanently protect the property for farming. The easement will remove the development rights from the land and ensure the land is farmed in a sustainable, regenerative manner.

Our goal is to facilitate the transition of Singing Hills Farm to an emerging farmer. By placing an agricultural conservation easement on the land, the farm can then be sold to an emerging farmer at a reduced price –the difference between the farm’s current purchase price and the price of the farm after it’s protected by the easement.

Your contribution will ensure the protection of Singing Hills Farm and the transfer to the farm’s next steward and will keep the land affordable for future generations of farmers.

Donate below or send checks payable to Renewing the Countryside to:

Renewing the Countryside-SHF
c/o Eli Goodwell
118 Teresa Dr
West St. Paul, MN 55118

For questions about protecting Singing Hills Farm or easements, please contact Jan at jan@rtcinfo.og or 612-251-7304.

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